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I’m Jo and I live in Wiltshire with my husband, Jason, and our two teenagers, as well as our cheeky Jack Tzu, Patch. Five years ago we bought a new house in Melksham and I’ll be showing how we shaped our style in our lovely Persimmon Corfe. Ordinarily I’d be attracted to a more retro style so I’ll be detailing how we put some design classics into our modern home.

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Sweet en suite

Inspiration Our en suite shower was taking a battering from at least four showers a day, we’d never decorated the room and we wanted to add some colour. The main bedroom has some Far Eastern influences so it felt natural to continue this theme into the adjoining en suite. Watery blues I love sea blues…

New Family Bathroom

In the pink The idea was to create some luxury in the main bathroom, a beautiful space to relax in the bath, as well as keeping the practical features of a family bathroom. My inspiration for the scheme was Sandro Botticelli’s painting, The Birth of Venus with its sky and seascape, delicate porcelain pink, as…

Splashing About

Bathroom makeover Our bathrooms in our Persimmon Corfe are decorated the same as when we moved in over five years ago, magnolia walls and the tiles they came with, in neutral tones. Now the kids are getting older and need a shower in the main bathroom, we are giving this and the main bedroom en…

About Me

I’m a mum to two teenagers and work from home for a training company. My husband is an HGV driver who, funnily enough, transports building materials in the South West. I love to write, and I’ve become increasingly interested in design so I’m writing about my house and interiors as they evolve.

Our first house was a two-up two-down miner’s cottage in Bristol which we quickly renovated. From there we moved to an ex-local authority 1940s village property where we converted the old coal shed and landscaped the garden. We moved to Wiltshire to a brand new home ten years ago and since then haven’t looked back.